About Baier Motors and founder Torben Baier

Motorbike engineering experts

Based in Bavaria, as a subsidiary of Baierkraft and a German mindset, we know how to manufacture motors.

Baier Motors GmbH in Eckernförde began as a start-up in Hamburg, one of Germany’s biggest metropolitan areas. Our machines are developed by one of the best engineering teams for motorcycles in the whole country. Every single motorbike is designed with passion by one of the best design teams for motorcycles in Italy. While all machines are assembled with high degree of craftmanship in Africa, the best and most reliable components are sourced primarily in Europe.

We are proud to be working with different partners, amongst which we are supported by the Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft (Berlin, Germany), The University of Kiel, The University of Aachen, Germany as well as The University of Flensburg in Germany.

We are happy to have such a reliable and competent partner.