emerging markets in Africa with a durable Motorcycle

High quality motorcycles

The question that every customer asks themselves before purchasing a product is: “What can this product do that other products can’t?” And this is the exact same question that we have in mind when engineering our motorcycles – Why would someone get our motorbike and not some other one.

We know that mobility is the key factor for social development and some terrains can be difficult to travel in rural areas, so we design affordable motorbikes that are perfect for difficult terrains and emerging markets.

Furthermore, we know that higher incomes create a demand for high-quality products. In emerging markets, the demand for individual mobility is growing. That market is supplied by brands with products that do not fulfill the customer’s needs e.g. African customers cannot find the perfect motorcycles for their needs. At Baier Motors GmbH in Eckernförde, we provide solutions.

eFuel for Baier Motors GmbH

We are working on an eFuel options for Baier Motors and its products.

At Baier Motors GmbH, we have a goal to ensure the production of CO2-neutral synthetic fuels in emerging markets. Synthetic fuels are created with green energy by combining either wind energy, solar energy and/or water energy with CO2. We would like to start with that in Africa, however, synthetic fuels can be produced in every country for any type of industry.

E-fuel readiness as an alternative to eMobility in emerging economies serves as a bridging technology and environmental sustainability is a top priority for us.

Find out more about green energy and eFuel for motorcycles here.


We are happy to be able to offer long-term environmental sustainability with eFuel readiness with our machines. All products, whether electric or combustion, can be operated CO2-neutrally. Find out more about the production of fuel with green energy here.

Job creation

We are currently creating new jobs in to strengthen the economic development of the market. We are committed to social justice and to equal pay between men and women.

High quality products

We are experts at building high quality, robust and reliable machines. Our affordable motorbikes are not only sustainable, but also beautiful and fun to drive.