Investment opportunities for the emerging African two-wheeler market

Your finances have the power to make a positive impact while also yielding high returns.

Whatever your investment objective, we have the right financial instrument for you:


Starting at 5€

I’m not interested in interest or equity.
I just want to do something good.

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Starting at 1.000€

I just want to do something good and I’m
looking for a good investment opportunity with up to 9.5% interest.

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Attention: IT Problems and
Phishing possible


Shares/Convertible Loans

Starting at 10.000€

I just want to do something good, be part of the success story and benefit from company value growth.

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Investments are associated with a high level of risk.

The total loss of the investment is possible. 

„Baier Motors has a unique and profitable business model in a rapidly growing market, offering an emotionally appealing mobility product while also demonstrating responsibility.“

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thilo Röth
Expert in Vehicle Concepts & Car Body Technology

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Special Features

These motorcycles are design for the special road conditions in Africa.

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Differences and Strengths

Find out more about the differences and the strength of The Cross & The Tourer.
Motorcycle with Yellow Lining
Motorcycle with Red Lining