Electric 🌿⚡ or combustion engine 🔥?

Difficult question in this day and age! 🤔 Electric is the more innovative technology and the better investor story, but the market for internal combustion in emerging markets is much larger. 💡🌏

No one can predict how the mix will develop in the future. 📈🔮

At Baier Motors, we have decided to offer both technologies in one platform. This saves development costs and time. In addition, there are many other advantages. So everyone wins: customers, manufacturers, dealers, production and investors. 🚗💰🌱

Oh yes, the use of eFuels makes the combustion version much more environmentally friendly than the use of fossil fuels. ♻️🍃

Difficult question, but simple answer: the customer will decide the mix. 🙌👥

Attached is the enduro version, electric ⬆️⚡ above, internal combustion ⬇️🔥 below. 🏍️👀