The value of the project for Africa 🌍💼

It's not just about creating jobs in regions where there is high unemployment or opening plants where it makes economic sense. 💡🏭

Yes, that alone is a benefit. But as we wrote a few months ago, we don’t want to be the umpteenth company to export old products to Africa. 🚫📦

It’s more about finally offering customers a suitable mobility product that fits perfectly with the conditions of use and regional circumstances. 🚗🌐

Imagine a Ford F 150 in Rome or a Fiat 500 in an American DIY store. Both good cars, but completely misused. But something like this is happening in Africa right now. The wrong mobility products are being used there for the wrong purposes. 🛣️❌

The customer in emerging countries finally deserves the right mobility product! 🌟🌍

We are really looking forward to the first prototype in the next few weeks! 🚗🔧🎉