Why are we so excited about our mission?

Well, the answer is simple: there are so many parties that will benefit:

1. Customers: customers will get the perfect mobility product for their needs. We will come back to this in a few weeks when the first prototype is ready to show all the features. Of course, it won’t be the cheapest mobility product, but remember: in the history of mobility, the best product has always prevailed, rarely the cheapest.

2. Environment: the electric version will hopefully be charged with sustainable energy. The combustion version will be almost CO2-neutral by using eFuels. A mobility product will always produce CO2, considering production and recycling. But one thing is for sure: using eFuels is much better than using fossil fuels.

3. Job creation: We will create hundreds of jobs in Africa. We know that many people prefer job creation in Germany (even in times of skills shortage “Fachkräftemangel”), but we believe that jobs should be created where they are needed and not where they are wanted.

4. Intercultural relationship: we believe that people in the world will understand each other better through our project. We will create intercontinental friendships.

5. And last but not least, the investors: with an internal rate of return of more than 500% (combustion version), our investors will benefit financially even though they are helping people and changing the world. This is not a project where we send two containers of our waste to Africa to „feel better“. We believe that a continuous and sustainable project is much better for the future development of a continent.

Can you imagine a better mission?

Let’s celebrate these benefits with one of our very first sketches that made it through the design process!